The Beauty of Leafless Forests: The Rouge National Urban Park

After the blanket of snow has melted away past the horizon, and before the trees spread their great green fingers out high overhead, the light in the forest is at its strongest – a time when countless flowers with whimsical or evocative names like trillium, bloodroot, spring beauty, and dutchman’s breeches erupt from the ground. Read more

Evergreen Forests: Part Two of Good for Whatever’s Guide to Enjoying Winter

While some trees drop their leaves, others cradle the snow with fingers green from the light of dozens of summers.  Read on for more about how these steadfast giants can help us through the heart of winter. Read more

Sunlight: Part One of Good For Whatever’s Guide to Enjoying Winter

The sun stays low and comes out less.  The air bites into skin.  Bodies groan going outside.  Time spent getting suited up spirals.  It’s easy to feel down in autumn and winter.  While colder air is welcome for many after hot summers, human bodies were built for the tropics.  Shorter days in latitudes farther from the equator mean less sunlight and less of some key hormones in our bodies that help us regulate our days.  This can lead to well-known, if colloquial, conditions like cabin fever and the winter blues, as well as medical conditions like seasonal affective disorder.

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